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CHANGHONG strikes a pose on the stage of CES2018

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  As a well-known brand in the global industry, Changhong is the first one to introduce AI technology into TV industry in 2016, launched the world's first artificial intelligence television and upgraded artificial intelligence television to AI3.0 in 2017, leading a new round of revolution in the home appliance industry. On the CES 2018, Changhong showcased its full range of AI home appliances, as well as solutions based on real life scenarios for smart home.  With its leading position in product, technology and solutions, Changhong fully demonstrated the industrial value and user value of artificial intelligence and delivered a Satisfactory answer of the  leader.

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 Products leading, AI depth application in full range of home appliances

  Today’s Changhong, the artificial intelligence technology had been fully used in the products.

  The deep combination of AI and TV, Changhong is not only a pioneer, but also leader. In July 2016, the the industry experienced bottlenecks in growth and was hard to break in the inherent pattern, with many years of accumulated technology and forward-looking market judgment, Changhong launched the world's first artificial intelligence television, which has triggered the AI boom in the industry.


 At the exhibition booth of Changhong, Q5K、C7TU laser theater and other artificial intelligence products, LCED screen spontaneous sound technology attracted much attention and a large number of visitors to stop by. A variety of cutting-edge technology and the perfect combination of artificial intelligence, Changhong AI TV pocketed the eye at CES exhibition. However, not only TV products, AI has a deep application in a full range of home appliances in Changhong.

   In air conditioning industry, Changhong officially launched the world's first intelligent air conditioner based on the "human state perception" technology in 2014; Changhong introduced the industry's first artificial intelligence voice Air Conditioning Q2F series in 2016, won the market sought after; Changhong launched Q3Ts artificial intelligence smart eye floor standing type AC in the end of 2017. Q3Ts is the first set with voice, gesture, image recognition three in one intelligent air conditioner, it can automatically identify the user, automatic adjustment of air-conditioning operating parameters. Especially for the artificial intelligence image recognition, realized  million image capture, it can be self-identified 2 hours off and also run security monitoring. Equipped with 4 generations of air-conditioning control technology,  it can provide comfortable and fresh air to meet the pursuit of comfort live for consumer.


 Meiling refrigerator which is owned by Changhong has also deeply used artificial intelligence technology. Changhong introduced a refrigerator equipped with water molecule activated water molecule technology, named “Mr. Fresh M”. The refrigerator fully integrated water molecules activated preservation technology, realized the transformation from traditional passive fresh to active fresh control,  from frequency temperature and intelligent interaction control to intelligent fresh control. This technology not only reached the industry's freshness limitation, but also triggered the industry's third fresh revolution.


  Changhong as a leader in AI products and technology will never stop. “As the pioneer and leader of artificial intelligence TV in the world, Changhong should stick to the leading industry of artificial intelligence technology and products, provide the users with more and more smart products and personalized services, realize the value maximization as “products + service + content ". Mr. Li Wei, general manager of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd said.

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