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Changhong sponsors the Belgian National Football Team

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At the Appliance & electronics World Expo exhibition which hold on 8th, March 2018, Changhong officially announced to be sponsor of the Belgian national team and they will work together to fly the CHINESE spirit over the World Cup. At the signing ceremony, Li Wei, General Manager of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. stated that: Leading technology and products are Changhong's genes. In particular, Changhong's continuous investment and accumulation in recent years, has resulted in a qualitative leap in products. At present, Changhong's product development level has been greatly improved, manufacturing capacity has been continuously enhanced, artificial intelligence has been fully presented and smart industry upgrades have been accelerated, just like the Belgian national team, which is known for its technology and overall strength in the football field. Therefore, in this year's Football World Cup, we invited the Belgian team to join hands with us to witness Changhong’s full participation in the “Technology World Cup”, “Product World Cup” and “Industry World Cup” in the field of household appliances.

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    As a Chinese brand with a deep history, Changhong has started the internationalization road since 1998. In 2005, it began to increase its efforts to “go global” and established wholly-owned factories, joint ventures and overseas acquisitions. In Indonesia, Pakistan,  Spain, the Czech Republic and other countries along the “the Belt and Road” investment to build subsidiaries, establish research and development centers. Based on the accumulation of Changhong in the field of smart manufacturing over the years and many breakthroughs in the field of smart technology, the overseas market share of Changhong TV, air conditioners, and Meiling refrigerators has steadily increased. The Changhong team together with the Belgian national team will help further develop overseas markets.


         According to Bastien, the official representative of the Belgium Royal Football Association, Changhong is the first Chinese sponsor in the 123-year history of the Belgian Football Association. It is very grateful to the trust of Chinese brands. With the cooperation of the two sides, i believe that in 2018 they will achieve excellent scores in their respective “races.”1520588730119705.jpg

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